Three locations – bringing us closer to you! Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz is headquartered in Lucerne. In addition, we operate offices in Emmenbrücke and Sursee – so we’re always close to our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our three locations

  • Lucerne
  • Emmenbrücke
  • Sursee

Parking: covered parking in Löwen Center, Schweizerhof or National Hof
Public transport: by bus from Lucerne station to the bus stop “Luzernerhof”. Bus lines: No. 1 Maihof, No. 6 Büttenhalde, No. 8 Würzenbach, No. 19 Friedental, No. 24 Meggen, No. 73 Udligenswil

Plan route

Parking: spots reserved next to our offices at Gerliswilstrasse 4
By train: to Emmenbrücke station
By bus: to bus stop “Bahnhof Emmenbrücke” or “Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd”

Plan route

Parking: on Vierherrenplatz
Public transport: by bus from Sursee station to bus stop “Altstadt” or “Post”. Bus lines: No. 65 Nottwil, No. 81 Beromünster, No. 84 Eich, No. 86 Spital, No. 399 Reinach

Plan route

Location Lucerne
Löwenstrasse 3
CH-6000 Lucerne 6
+41 41 419 30 30
Location Emmenbrücke
Gerliswilstrasse 4
CH-6021 Emmenbrücke
+41 41 260 59 59
Location Sursee
Bahnhofstrasse 2
CH-6210 Sursee
+41 41 921 33 33

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Lucerne Emmenbrücke Sursee
Inheritance law/pensions
Corporate/commercial law
Administrative/constitutional law/procurement
Criminal law/road traffic
Copyright/trademark protection/competition
Litigation/judicial proceedings/insolvency
Thomas Tschümperlin
Regula Suter-Furrer
Jörg Schwarz
Raetus Cattelan
Markus Lötscher
Peter Kriesi
Rainer Wey
Salome Krummenacher
Daniela Jost
Melanie Friedrich
Magdalena Hofstetter
Manuela Häfliger
Julia Fischer-Steger
Kaja Vogler
Raphael Fries
Manuela Rogger
Chantal Bösiger
Noémie Wermelinger
Ariana Birrer

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