Working together for corporate clients. In some situations, support may be an urgent necessity; in others, a preventative approach may be called-for to avoid future difficulties. Companies and entrepreneurs regularly confront legal issues in everyday business life. Because we can draw on the collective expertise of a team of specialist attorneys, we are well placed to assist you in these matters: either in specific situations (succession planning, litigation advice, conclusion of contracts, etc.) or as a forward-looking adviser (second opinions, sparring partner). Take full advantage of our know-how!

Attorneys specialising in this field

Thomas Tschümperlin 
Regula Suter-Furrer 
Prof. Dr. 
Jörg Schwarz 
Raetus Cattelan 
Markus Lötscher 
Peter Kriesi 
Dr., LL.M. 
Rainer Wey 
Salome Krummenacher 
Daniela Jost 
Magdalena Hofstetter 
Melanie Friedrich 
Julia Fischer-Steger 
Manuela Häfliger 
Kaja Vogler 
Raphael Fries 
Manuela Rogger 
Chantal Bösiger 
Noémie Wermelinger 

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