About Us

We owe you our respect.

We guide and support our clients. Daily. Since 1973.

With expertise, integrity and a high degree of reliability, we not only assess situations thoroughly, but also present them in a comprehensible way. A good overview, in-depth specialist knowledge and knowledge of the interrelationships allow us to act decisively, react agilely and open up new paths. Consistently goal-oriented, we create the best conditions to be on the road to profit for our clients - always with appreciation for the respective counterpart. We do not handle cases, but advise and support people and companies.

Specialist groups

Accumulated ­­knowledge.

We regularly exchange information within specialised groups in order to be able to advise our clients even better.
With 20 lawyers, Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz is one of the largest law firms in Central Switzerland. The comprehensive legal expertise of our highly qualified lawyers associated with this size ensures that you can expect first-class legal services from us.

We share our knowledge in those specialist groups:
Employment Law
Construction und Real Estate Law
Inheritance Law
Family Law
Notarial services
Criminal Law
Contract Law and Procedural Law

Well connected.

For many complex issues, the legal perspective alone is not enough: expertise in other specialised areas is often necessary as well.
Thanks to our extensive network, we can call on the services of various experts in a diverse range of areas such as tax, finance, accounting and insurance, natural sciences, medicine and/or healthcare, or new technologies. We actively maintain this network in various international, national and local professional and business associations and organisations.Our subsidiary Contario provides you with professional fiduciary services and supports us in the areas of accounting, personnel administration, taxes and real estate management.
International reach.
As a member of Galexy-International Association of Law Firms, we guarantee our commitment to you even beyond the borders of Switzerland.
Galexy is an organisation of law firms in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States. Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz is a founding member.

Galexy's international contacts also keep Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz abreast of legal developments in Europe and the US, as well as other business nations.

Thanks to these links, we can quickly put you in touch with lawyers abroad; you can rely on these professionals, knowing that we have worked successfully with them for many years.
Pricing Policy
You can rely on cost transparency.
When we take on your mandate, we inform you about the fees and costs you can expect, and how they are calculated. If we act for you over an extended period, we will invoice you at regular intervals so you always know where you stand.
Our lawyers’ fees are based on the time they spend on your work. We agree a fixed hourly rate with you. This rate reflects the knowledge and experience of the lawyer working for you, as well as the difficulties involved and factors such as urgency and the amount in dispute. You can find the details and our other mandate conditions here.

We are bound by this fee scale. Our price list shows you the fees for individual notarial services, please find it here (available in German only).

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